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Episode 24

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29th Dec 2019

#24 Aaron Smiley, DVM - The Telemedicine Evangelist & Veterinarian Advocate

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Aaron Smiley, DVM. Dr. Smiley is a practicing veterinarian, public speaker, and advisor on the topic of veterinary telehealth. He is also Chief of Staff Advisor at VetCor, President-elect of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association, on the Alumni Board for the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • He shares his passion for the veterinary medicine community, and it’s due to the overflow of enthusiasm for the profession and what veterinary medicine does for its patients and clients.
  • The history of his entrepreneurial side, which started on the school bus selling stickers.
  • Why private practice ownership didn’t materialize for him even though it was a big goal initially, and why he credits that as a blessing today.
  • How he is working to improve the mentoring quality in vet med today with DVMmentoring.
  • Why telemedicine is so critical and likely already incorporated in your practice today.
  • How telemedicine can offset losses of revenue in other areas, namely pharmacy.
  • The three questions to ask all virtual care appointments.
  1. Can you provide a global view of the animal?
  2. What medications is the animal on?
  3. Can there be a recheck in 24 hours?
  • He addresses how to think about pricing telemedicine and virtual services.
  • Why, as long as you remain the doctor in virtual care, it’s not going to burn you.
  • His most significant initiatives for being IVMA President in 2020
  1. Bringing more technology to veterinary medicine
  2. Engage the support staff better namely the nursing staff
  • How the care in veterinary medicine should emulate the dental model in regards to nurses helping to grow the business similar to dental hygienists.
  • The best advice he’s ever been given
  • Why sharing ideas in veterinary medicine is so important.

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