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Episode 208

Published on:

22nd Oct 2023

#208 Christen Staten, DVM - Process Driven Freedom Running a Veterinary Practice

Alright on today’s show I’m joined by a guest that I was able to meet at the sustainability in equine practitioners seminar (SEPs) back in 2022, Dr. Christine Staten - Dr. Staten is a large animal veterinarian and a mixed animal practice owner of Adobe Vet Center in Arizona. She has a passion for interests inside and outside of veterinary medicine which as we will learn is key to her success. We discuss the following:

  • Her "why" for veterinary medicine - for a full detailed history I'd recommend her other podcast appearances.
  • Her doctor visit during COVID and how she did the opposite of conventional wisdom to help herself.
  • How she's built, attracted, and retained her team.
  • How her practice culture has been refined.
  • How she runs effective meetings with a large distributed team.
  • Her exit plan and how to manage associates with ownership aspirations.
  • Looking outside of veterinary medicine for business inspiration - and why she pays for a mastermind group (non-DVM).
  • Strategic Planning & Management Retreats to work ON the business.
  • How the financial success has followed from doing the right things for her business and how measuring ROI has changed.
  • Her question for me...and SO much more!

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