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Episode 178

Published on:

19th Mar 2023

#178 Keith True, DVM - Helping Veterinarians Reach Their True Potential

In this episode, Dr. Keith True, a veterinarian, and entrepreneur joins me. He is a managing partner at the Animal Care Center of Downers Grove, a Member of the Board of AccessVet, and the Founder of True Vet Potential (which we will spend the most time on today). We discuss the following:

  • How we met and got to know each other.
  • What is True Vet Potential - why it matters.
  • The three stages of Dr. True's progression through TVP.
  • The idea of compassion and finances not being mutually exclusive.
  • Ownership options - corporate vs. private practice.
  • The four areas which are causing burnout.
  • Why job titles don't define people.
  • And so much MORE!

True Vet Potential Website

Dr. True's LinkedIn


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